Market specifications for cattle


Australian beef competes with other meats and with the beef from other countries for market share. Supplying carcases and beef cuts that meet the individual market specifications of our domestic and international customers is crucial in ensuring that Australian producers remain competitive.

Meeting market specifications is also important in determining the profitability of beef producing enterprises. End users of stock, including feedlots and beef processors, pay premiums for lines of cattle that fit specifications, while discounting those that do not.

A thorough understanding of the specifications for different markets enables producers to match their property, seasonal conditions and stock with the requirements of their target market. Regardless of the chosen market, an ability to consistently supply suitable stock benefits the entire supply chain, including the producer, processor and consumers.

Topic include:

  • market specifications
  • specific markets
  • factors affecting compliance to carcase specifications
  • accessing and using feedback information


Primefact 621 Second Edition

Published: 01 Aug 2015