Hendra virus


Hendra virus is a virus carried by flying foxes that inhabit Australia, Papua New Guinea, and surrounding islands. So far, clinical disease due to Hendra virus infection has only been recognised in Australia. Flying foxes appear to be unaffected by the virus.

Rarely, Hendra virus spreads from flying foxes to horses, (spillover events) causing severe disease, and may then spread to people or animals in close contact with infected horses.

Some of the topics include:

  • what should I do if I suspect Hendra virus in a horse?
  • when and where does it occur?
  • Hendra Virus and flying foxes
  • symptoms in horses
  • Hendra virus in humans
  • Hendra virus in other animals
  • managing Hendra virus risk in the workplace
  • vaccination
  • reducing the chance of infection in horses
  • preventing the spread of Hendra virus
  • managing confirmed Hendra virus cases


Primefact 970 Tenth Edition

Published: 03 Jul 2017