Hendra virus vaccine information for vets

The Hendra virus vaccine was registered in 2015. Details about the registered product, including the approved label are available from the APVMA public chemical registration information system (PUBCRIS). The product number is 68996. The approved label provides details on the dosage, administration and precautions for the Hendra virus vaccine.

Equivac HeV Hendra virus vaccine contains soluble forms of G glycoprotein (sG) of Hendra virus, adjuvented with an immunostimulating complex.  It does not contain any live or inactivated virus.

Directions for use are detailed in the approved product label for the Equivac HeV Hendra virus vaccine.

A summary of the dosing schedule is provided below.

Vaccination TypeTiming Interval
First DoseDay 1
Second DoseDay 21 – 42
Third Dose6 months after the second dose
Annual Booster12 month (annual) boosters after the third dose

Information included in this table was accurate on 13 December 2018. Refer to the approved product label for up-to-date dosing information.