Pastures for horses


A good pasture will meet the nutritional needs of most horses including brood and lactating mares and growing foals, although working horses may require some supplementation. However, the grazing habits of horses require that special consideration is given to the selection and management of the pasture. Because of the range of soils and rainfall in NSW, no single pasture species suits all horse properties. Select pastures suited to your area and then from these select the most suitable for horses.

This Primefact includes information on:

  • feed requirements of horses;
  • why are horses and the management of their pastures special?
  • what type of pastures do your horses need?
  • suitable species
  • fodder crops
  • establishing pastures for horses
  • pasture management
  • grazing management
  • weed management


Primefact 525 First Edition

Published: 01 Feb 2007