Feeding frosted cereal grain to ruminants


A severe frost late in the growing season may drastically reduce yield and quality of cereal crops.

Frost-damaged crops are downgraded to stockfeed and may sell at a price below typical stockfeed values.

Frost-damaged feed grains are assumed to have lower nutritive values, and tend to be discounted accordingly; however, recent research suggests that the nutritional value of frost-damaged wheat for ruminants is only slightly lower than non-frosted grain.

Despite its poor appearance, it can be priced according to its feed value.

This Primefact contains information on:

  • energy and digestibility
  • trial results
  • crude protein
  • frost damage
  • the choice between harvesting, grazing and baling
  • limitations
  • costing damaged grain.


Primefact 373 First Edition

Published: Sep 2007