Full hand feeding of sheep - feeding management


When introducing sheep to grain and pelleted diets, there is a significant risk of grain poisoning or acidosis. It is the high starch content of most grains that causes the problem. Lupins, being low in starch, are the exception and are useful when animals need immediate introduction to a high energy diet.

Slowly introduce sheep to high grain diets according to the schedule provided in this Primefact. It is useful to use hay in addition to the recommended rate of grain in order to get animals eating. The amount of hay can be reduced to nil over the introduction period.

This Primefact covers:

  • grain introduction
  • changing grains, nuts or pellets
  • frequency of feeding
  • feeding methods
  • ration processing
  • feeding paddocks and lots.


Primefact 346 Second Edition

Published: May 2016