D.I.Y worm egg counting


There are many types of internal parasites in the world that affect many different species of animals. A common diagnostic method to assess the size and significance of worm burdens is to count the eggs shed by these worms in faeces or excreta. This is called a faecal egg count (FEC) or worm egg count (WEC).

This Primefact outlines procedures for doing your own (“DIY”) worm egg counts for grazing livestock including free range poultry. NSW DPI also provides courses on how to do worm egg counts (See Tocal Skills Training in ‘References’).

  • Types of internal parasites
  • Basic parasite life cycles
  • Individual or bulk worm egg counts?
  • Faecal egg counting procedure
  • Microscope slides


Primefact 1613 First Edition

Published: 05 Dec 2017