Hydatids - you, too, can be affected


Hydatid disease (also known as hydatidosis or echinococcosis) is caused by a tapeworm which infects dogs, dingoes and foxes. At its intermediate stage, it forms cysts in the internal organs, especially livers and lungs, of a number of animals, including humans. In humans, the disease is so serious that it requires surgery for treatment. Hydatid disease also causes losses in livestock with the downgrading of edible meat by-products because of the presence of the hydatid cysts.

This Primefact discusses:

  • the hydatid tapeworm;
  • hydatid eggs in the life cycle;
  • the hydatid cyst;
  • animals affected by hydatids in Australia;
  • hydatid life cycles in Australia - how the infection spreads;
  • hydatid strains;
  • control;
  • eradication programs.


Primefact 475

Published: Feb 2007