Managing worms in sheep in NSW


Internal parasites or worms are one of the most important health challenges for the Australian sheep industry.

From the 1980s, the NSW sheep industry has been well-served by various region-specific sheep worm control programs: WormKill, DrenchPlan, and later, WestWorm and FarWestWorm.

WormBoss, is a national sheep worm control initiative. NSW DPI has been a major contributor since work began on the project around 2003.

The NSW-specific programs, WormKill, DrenchPlan, WestWorm and FarWestworm, have been subsumed into the corresponding programs in WormBoss.

The NSW DPI Primefacts relating to these programs (WormKill etc.) have now (December 2017) be archived.

NSW-based sheep producers are encouraged to make good use of the material in WormBoss (, which currently is Australia’s premier resource on sheep parasite control, and will continue to be given ongoing industry support.


Primefact 1615 First Edition

Published: 06 Dec 2017