Managing pest animals in NSW

Pest animals present a significant threat to our biosecurity, biodiversity and economy, environment and community wellbeing

The community and land managers feel the impacts of pest animals because they can:

  • prey on livestock and wildlife
  • increase grazing pressure on pastures
  • damage crops and plants
  • compete with native wildlife for food and habitat
  • spread diseases to people and other animals (including stock and pets)
  • damage fences and other infrastructure.

Biosecurity is everyone’s business

Given the impact pest animals have, it is important that everyone plays their part in reducing the risks they create.

The introduction of the Biosecurity Act 2015 means that all tiers of government, industry and the people of NSW need to work together to protect the economy, environment and community from the negative impacts of pests, including pest animals.

This means land managers need to:

  • know about the priority pests in their area
  • know what should be taken to manage these pests
  • take effective action to manage local priority pests.

Land managers are supported in managing pest animals by NSW Department of Primary Industries, Local Land Services, and other public and private land managers, community members and peak industry bodies.

Knowing what action to take

A range of regulatory instruments, plans and strategies are available at a state and regional level to assist people to effectively manage pest animals.

Knowing what action to take - pest management - contact the author for an accessible explanation

Land managers should also seek support and assistance from Local Land Services.

Pest management in action

Pest management in action diagram - contact the author for an accessible explanation

Pest animals in NSW

Profiles for a number of animal pests that are important in NSW are available below. Each profile contains photographs, a distribution map, description, the status of the pest and links to related information.

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