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Ewes need ongoing assessment for body condition, hoof damage, breeding suitability and fly strike where skin damage has occurred. Health checklist for lambing ewes:

  • Damaged teats can scar over and lead to lamb deaths. Check before lambing.
  • Maintain body condition/fat score to maximise reproductive potential.
  • Provide mineral supplementation on fodder crops to prevent lambing difficulties and rickets in lambs.
  • Vaccinate, especially as green feed becomes available, using 5 in 1 as a minimum.


  • Scrotal palpation for scarring and adhesions if burnt (infertility from high heat events can last six weeks or more).
  • Body condition/fat score.
  • Mobility can be affected with hoof damage.
  • Vaccination.


  • Check for teat damage before calving.
  • Heifers should be checked before joining. Sell any with significant damage for slaughter.
  • Bulls should undergo a physical assessment, including scrotal palpation for scarring and checking of the pizzle.
  • Fat score and body condition for both cows and bulls needs to be optimum for reproduction and rejoining of cows.
  • Vaccinate with 7 in 1 for cows and add vibriosis for bulls, especially with animals that have been agisted.

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