After an emergency

Recovery actions may commence before the emergency has ended and can continue for extended periods. The community, with the assistance of government agencies and other organisations, can implement a range of actions to enable the swift return to normal.

The following tips may assist in your recovery in natural disasters:

  • Check your property and animals as soon as safe, providing treatment to the injured
  • Missing animals – contact local council, animal welfare or rescue groups, microchip registry, check social media sources
  • Dispose of dead animals and hazardous debris
  • Report animal, agriculture and infrastructure damage/loss to your Local Land Services
  • Consider hazards remaining on your property following a natural disaster before moving animals and assets
  • Review and improve your plan

For more information of what to do after a natural disaster:

Key contacts

Additional informationTelephone

Local Land Services (LLS)

1300 795 299

Report locust activity and agricultural damage from natural disasters to your Local Land Services office.

NSW Rural Assistance Authority

1800 678 593