Building a floodgate

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Primefact Number: 681    Edition: First edition    Released/reviewed: Oct 2009

After a prolonged drought, there will be little vegetation on catchment areas for creeks and gullies. This means that after significant rainfall, water will be running in the waterway faster than usual.

This water will pick up debris from the creek bed and deposit it against any fence crossing the waterway.

The force of the water pushing on the debris can easily demolish a normal fence, so a floodgate will be needed at this point.

There is no single way to build a floodgate, but there are some important points to remember. This Primefact looks at those points as well as covering the following topics:

  • Making a floodgate from roofing iron
  • Ideas for placing posts in gullies
  • Make your own cable
  • Slip rails
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