Planning for emergencies - a guide for animal holding establishments

Released/reviewed: 01 Nov 2007

Every business needs an effective response plan for dealing with emergencies. In any emergency, such as a fire, flood or storm, a response plan can help to minimise loss of life, injury, property damage and costly disruption to business operations. Effective planning by individual businesses also helps authorities to better coordinate emergency planning and response.

These guidelines are designed to assist operators of businesses or properties where significant numbers of animals are kept to develop an emergency response plan. Holding establishments such as boarding kennels, veterinary centres, research facilities, zoos, horse stables, wildlife parks, pet shops and intensive livestock farms are among those likely to benefit from the information supplied.

The guide focuses on the most common threats animal holding facilities may face and identifies considerations you need to address as you prepare your own emergency plan. It is intended for use in conjunction with advice and information provided by emergency service authorities and other professionals.


This publication has been made possible using Commonwealth and State financial support under the Natural Disaster Mitigation Program.