Miscellaneous Section 37 permit fee schedule

Fees for miscellaneous permits as prescribed in the Fisheries Management Legislation Amendment (Fees, Charges and Contributions) Regulation 2019:


Clause/ Section


Miscellaneous Permit to authorise the taking and possession of fish and marine vegetation

For aquaculture purposes (S. 37(1)(b))

For other purposes (S. 37(1)(e))

Cl. 64

Cl. 98(d) Gen Reg



Marine Vegetation Permit

Gather marine vegetation for commercial purposes

Cl. 63(5)


Aquarium Collection Permit (S. 37(1)(c)) Aquarium Educational Permit (S. 37(1)(c))

Cl. 98(b) Gen Reg

Cl. 98(c) Gen Reg



Permits under Part 7 of the FM Act 1994

Import permit (live fish from interstate) (S.217)

Assessment fee:

Minor (< 3hrs)

Moderate (3 – 7 hrs)

Major (7 – 21 hrs)

Complex (> 21 hrs)

Additional Assessment

Cl. 258(2)(a)

Cl. 258(4)(a)

Cl. 258(4)(b)

Cl. 258(4)(c)

Cl. 258(4)(d)

Cl. 258(8) Gen Reg







Scientific Collection Permit (research)

Cl. 98(b) Gen Reg


Electro-fishing Permit

Cl. 73(5) Gen Reg