Eastern Blue Groper

Blue groper

Blue groper

Scientific name

Achoerodus viridis


Yellow lines around eyes, prominent fleshy lips and large peg-like teeth. The colour is very variable with adults: males a vivid blue, females reddish brown and the juveniles a greyish brown, brownish orange or green. Diet consists of crabs, prawns, shellfish and sea urchins.


Maximum of close to 50 kg and a length of over 1 m.


Eastern Blue Groper are found in rocky reef areas along the east coast, between Hervey Bay and Wilson's Promontory.

Confusing species

The Eastern Blue Groper is a member of the wrasse family and should not be confused with the Queensland gropers (Epinephelus). There is also a similar Blue Groper (Achoerodus gouldii) found in the waters of South Australia and Western Australia.