Brown Trout


Scientific name

Salmo trutta


The Brown Trout is a thick bodied species with a large head, mouth and moderate to large eyes. The mouth extends to below the eyes. Colours can vary depending on factors such as age and habitat. Generally silver to olive-brownish and darker along the dorsal area. They display dark spots along the back and sides, but these can sometimes be indistinct. Most spots are surrounded by a pale halo and are often red below the mid-line.


In Australia they are known to reach at least 90 cm and can weigh up to 14 kg, but the most commonly caught fish weigh below 3 kg.


Imported from England, the brown trout is possibly the most important sport fish to be introduced in Australia. It is commonly found in cool waters, mostly above 600 m, with moderate to swift flow and also in cool, clear lakes and reservoirs.

Confusing species

Similar to other trout and salmon species.

Fishing rules