Commercial Scallop

Commercial scallop

Scientific name

Pecten fumatus


The Commercial Scallop is a bivalve mollusc like all scallops belonging to the family Pectinidae. This species is distinguished from other scallops by having equal-sized, circular shaped shells that are thin, but strengthened by radiating ribs. The upper valve is flat, whilst the lower valve is deeply convex. Scallops are filter feeders, feeding on plankton and detritus.


This species can reach a maximum length of over 14 cm, but are commonly found between 8-9 cm in length.


This species of scallop (also known as the Southern Scallop and Tasmanian Scallop) is distributed throughout southern Australia, from mid NSW to mid Western Australia including Tasmania. Scallops are benthic organisms, found buried in soft sand or muddy sediments at depths from 1-120 m.