Estuary Perch

Estuary Perch

Scientific name

Macquaria colonorum


The body of an Estuary Perch is slightly deeper than that of the Australian Bass, the snout profile is concave and the snout noticeably longer than that of the Australian Bass. The Estuary Perch is a dark grey to silvery on the back becoming paler below. All fins are dark except the outer half of the rear section of the anal fin.


Ault fish may attain a total length of about 75 cm and a total weight of 10 kg.


The Estuary Perch lives in coastal rivers and lakes in an area from the Richmond River (NSW) in the north, to the Murray River (South Australia) in the West and as far south as the Arthur and Ansons Rivers (Tasmania).

Confusing species

Looks very similar to Australian Bass (Macquaria novemaculeata) which can be distinguished from the Estuary Perch by their straight dorsal head profile.