Mackerel (Narrow-Barred Spanish)

Narrow-barred (Spanish) mackerel

Scientific name

Scomberomorus commerson


The upper body varies from bright blue to dark grey in colour that fades to a silvery-blue over the sides. More than 40 narrow grey-blue wavy, vertical bars are present on each side of the fish. The large dip in the lateral line below the second dorsal fin is a clear diagnostic feature of the Narrow-barred Mackerel.


This is the largest of the Australian Mackerels, reaching a maximum length of approximately 2.4 m and 70 kg in weight.


Narrow-barred Mackerel, known internationally as Tanguigue, inhabit coastal waters from Perth, Western Australia, around the Top End to Bermagui in NSW. Spanish Mackerel have also been caught in Victorian and Tasmanian waters.

Confusing species

Similar in appearance to Wahoo. Narrow-barred Mackerel have less dorsal fin spines (15-18 compared with 23-27), the second dorsal fin is located closer to the centre of the body and they have a more prominent fork in their tail.