Mangrove Jack

Mangrove jack

Scientific name

Lutjanus argentimaculatus


The colour of Mangrove Jack is quite distinctive, varying from bright reddish-brown to dark olive-brown. Fins have a pinkish hue, with the tail generally a darker shade. Each scale has a dark spot, which gives the appearance of cris-crossing lines on the body. Juveniles possess a blue line below the eye, which is also often evident on the adult. The Mangrove Jack is an extremely strong fighter and regularly finds shelter among submerged snags, making them a very challenging recreational species.


Reaches a maximum length of approximately 1.2 m and 16 kg in weight.


Mangrove Jack inhabit coastal waters and rivers from Shark Bay in Western Australia through Torres Straight and Queensland, south to Lake Illawarra in NSW. They are occasionally found in more southern estuaries of NSW.

Confusing species

Mangrove Jack are often confused with red bass (Lutjanus bohar) on colour alone, however, they lack the deep pit before each eye that is characteristic of the Red Bass.