Prawn - School and Eastern King



About 90 % of the prawns taken by anglers are king prawns (Penaeus plebejus), with the remainder of the catch being school prawns. King Prawns have a cream to yellow body with dark brown ridges, and possess a straight rostrum with one tooth on the lower surface. School Prawns are translucent with irregular brown or green spots and brown antennae, and have a rostrum with a smooth lower surface.


School Prawns can grow to a total length of 13 - 16 cm and King prawns to a total length of 30 cm.


School and Eastern King Prawns are endemic to estuarine and coastal waters along the east coast of Australia.  Juvenile Prawns of both species inhabit estuaries, generally near seagrass beds. Adults are predominantly found in ocean waters, but may occur in estuaries.