Rainbow Trout


Scientific name

Oncorhynchus mykiss


The Rainbow Trout tends to have a more compressed body than that of the brown trout. Colours vary from silver to pale olive-brownish, darker dorsally with spots on the head, body, dorsal and tail. They have a rosy pink stripe along the mid-line and gill covers. River fish, and those on spawning migrations, tend to display more intense colourations with the pink becoming crimson and the lower fins, lower sides and belly becoming grey.


Although known to reach more than 110 cm and more than 18 kg, fish larger than 60 cm or weighing more than 4 kg are exceptional.


This species, native to North America, occurs in the high country from northern NSW to Victoria, in hills near Adelaide, South Australia and in Tasmania. These fish are frequently maintained by stocking and have a more restricted local distribution than brown trout.

Confusing Species

Similar to other trout and salmon species.

Fishing rules