Australian Sawtail

Australian Sawtail


Sawtail have a leathery skin that is silvery grey in colour, with 5-6 black spots near the caudal fin. They possess 1 or more sharp, bony plates on the caudal peduncle & along the mid-line of the body. Sawtail have quite a small mouth.


Generally grow to around 3 kg and a length of 70 cm. The largest recorded sawtail in Australia was caught by a spearfisher and weighed just over 10 kg.


Australian Sawtail fish are often found in schools around coastal reefs, from Townsville in Queensland through to the Victorian border. They are more common in the northern half of NSW. Juveniles often reside in coastal bays and estuaries.

Confusing species

Sometimes found in mixed schools with the Spotted Sawtail Surgeonfish but is easily separated from this species by its silver/grey colour.