Freshwater Spiny Crayfish in north east NSW


North east NSW is home to several species of freshwater crayfish, many of which are endemic to the area (i.e. they don’t occur anywhere else).

Euastacus crayfish, also known as spiny crayfish, are widely distributed in Australia extending from far north Queensland to the South Australia/Victoria boarder.

Many Euastacus species in north eastern NSW have a restricted distribution occurring in small remnant areas of forest.

Topics include:

  • Habitat and ecology
  • Identifying features
  • Fishing rules
  • Euastacus crayfish of north east NSW
  • Threats to Euastacus crayfish in north east NSW
  • How can you help protect spiny crayfish?


Factsheet 1327 First Edition

Published: Nov 2013