Yellowfin Bream

Yellowfin bream

Scientific name

Acanthopagrus australis


Yellowfin Bream have a silver to olive-green body with yellowish pectoral, ventral and anal fins. They are opportunistic feeders with their diet including small crabs, prawns, molluscs, pipis and small fish.


Maximum weight of 4 kg and a length of 60 cm.


Yellowfin Bream are found along the NSW coast, as well as in Queensland and Victoria. Bream inhabit estuaries up to the brackish water limit (the change from salt to freshwater) and inshore rocky reef habitats near ocean beaches and rocky headlands.

Confusing species

Black Bream (Acanthopagrus butcheri) are found in NSW waters up to the Myall Lakes though are more common in Victoria and the south of the state. Yellowfin Bream have a deeper body and a higher snout than Black Bream and have yellow ventral fins. Tarwhine have rounded, convex heads and a gold spot on each scale giving the fish a series of longitudinal bands. Tarwhine are found along the coast of NSW.