Yellowtail Kingfish

Yellowtail Kingfish

Scientific name

Seriola lalandi


Yellowtail Kingfish have long bodies and a slender head, which is longer than their body depth. Yellowtail Kingfish are generally a blue or blue-green colour on their back, white-silver below. The caudal fin is yellow.


The largest fish commonly caught are up to 1 m long, weighing 10-15 kg. Maximum of 70 kg and approximately 2 m in length.


Yellowtail Kingfish occur in ocean waters from Queensland south to Western Australia, and inhabit temperate waters worldwide. They are often found associated with floating objects in the ocean and pylons and jetties within bays. Juveniles are commonly found in schools.

Confusing species

Samson Fish (Seriola hippos) have a head shorter than their body depth. Both species have been known to swim together.