Current projects on Stocky Galaxias

Following fires in Kosciuszko National Park in 2019, a rescue of the critically endangered Stocky Galaxias was successfully carried out ahead of a heavy rainfall event which could have resulted in a significant fish kill event. In partnership with experts on the species – Assoc. Prof Mark Lintermans and PhD candidate Hugh Allen, DPI Fisheries and National Parks and Wildlife Services led a rescue expedition to Tantangara Creek where this species is found.

Stocky Galaxias are being held at both DPI Gaden hatchery and a new aquarium facility at Charles Sturt University (CSU) in Albury. In 2021 further juvenile Stocky Galaxias were collected from the wild to add to the captive populations at Gaden hatchery and CSU to assist with developing a breeding program for the species.

Scientists in the field searching for Stocky Galaxias

Rescues Stocky Galaxias in a tank

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