Lowland Darling River aquatic ecological community

Fisheries Primefact
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The aquatic ecological community in the natural drainage system of the lowland catchment of the Darling River has been greatly modified since European settlement, through activities such as river regulation, the introduction of non-native species, agricultural practices and over-fishing. Many aquatic habitats are now degraded, and many native species have experienced declines in their numbers and distribution - some to the point where they are now listed as threatened.

This ecological community is listed as an endangered ecological community in NSW, meaning that it is likely to become extinct in nature in this state, unless the circumstances and factors threatening its survival and evolutionary development cease to operate.

This Primefact contains information on the following:

  • Description of the aquatic ecological community
  • Habitat and ecology
  • Why is the aquatic ecological community threatened?
  • Conservation and recovery actions
  • Legal implications