Hammerhead Sharks in NSW – a guide for fishers


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Hammerhead sharks are a warm-temperate to tropical species of shark with a wide ranging distribution. They can be found from the surf line out to sea and from the surface down to at least 275m.

Despite their reputation, hammerhead sharks are not considered dangerous to humans. Many populations of hammerhead sharks around the world have suffered serious declines in abundance, due to harvest for their meat and valuable fins.

Hammerhead sharks can be readily recognised by the prominent flattened keels that form the characteristic hammer-shaped head, called a 'cephalofoil'.

The exact purpose of the cephalofoil is debated, with various theories proposed, including that it provides hydrodynamic lift, improves vision and manoeuvrability, increases the area and spatial arrangement of sensory organs and can be used for prey manipulation.

Topics include:

  • Hammerhead sharks in NSW
  • Legal implications
  • 5 things you can do to help
  • What if you are not sure?
  • Descriptions:  Scalloped Hammerhead Shark, Great Hammerhead Shark and Smooth Hammerhead Shark

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Published: Sep 2015