Review of the River Snail Recovery Plan


This document reviews the NSW River Snail Recovery Plan (NSW DPI 2007). The review assesses the implementation of recovery actions in NSW and details the progress made towards meeting the stated recovery objectives. The review also considers if any changes are required to actions or priorities necessary for the recovery of the species.

The River Snail Recovery Plan was finalised and released in 2007 (DPI 2007). The overall objective of the recovery plan is to prevent the extinction and promote the recovery of River Snail populations in NSW. Specific objectives of the recovery plan are to:

  • Increase awareness of the current status of the River Snail throughout its former natural range;
  • Locate and protect remnant populations in natural habitats or translocated populations in artificial habitats;
  • Investigate the feasibility of establishing an artificial breeding and translocation program for the River Snail in NSW;
  • Increase our understanding of the threats to the River Snail and undertake management actions to ameliorate threats; and
  • Establish a program to monitor the status of the River Snail populations (either natural or introduced) and assess the effectiveness of recovery actions.

The plan will be judged a long-term success in NSW if the River Snail is revised from endangered to vulnerable on the Schedules of the NSW Fisheries Management Act 1994 (FM Act) within 15 years.

The recovery plan requires a major review within ten years of its publication. This document comprises the review and complies with section 220ZR (review of recovery and threat abatement plans) of the FM Act.

NSW River Snail Recovery Plan (2007)

You can read the NSW River Snail Recovery Plan released in 2007 at the link below.

NSW River Snail Recovery Plan (2007)


Published: Dec 2017