Murray River EEC

The mighty Murray River


The aquatic ecological community in the natural drainage system of the lower Murray River catchment.


The lower Murray River endangered ecological community includes all native fish and aquatic invertebrates within all natural creeks, rivers, and associated lagoons, billabongs and lakes of the regulated portions of the Murray River (also known as the River Murray) downstream of Hume Weir, the Murrumbidgee River downstream of Burrinjuck Dam, the Tumut River downstream of Blowering Dam and all their tributaries anabranches and effluents including Billabong Creek, Yanco Creek, Colombo Creek, and their tributaries, the Edward River and the Wakool River and their tributaries, anabranches and effluents, Frenchmans Creek, the Rufus River and Lake Victoria. Excluded from this recommendation are the Lachlan River and the Darling River and their tributaries, and artificial canals, water distribution and drainage works, farm dams and off-stream reservoirs.

Fisheries Scientific Committee determination

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