Darling River Hardyhead in the Hunter River catchment

Darling River Hardyhead. Image: Gunther Schmida

Scientific name

Craterocephalus amniculus


The Darling River Hardyhead is found in the upper tributaries of the Darling River near the Queensland and New South Wales border. A small population is also found in the Hunter catchment which has always been relatively uncommon.


On average, individuals grow to 42mm fork length. The maximum recorded length of an individual is 80mm fork length.


The Darling River Hardyhead is a small fish, with a slender and elongated body. It has large silvery eyes, thin lips and few teeth. The species is dusky gold coloured on the back, and silvery gold below. It has a stripe that runs the length of each side of the body that is dark and silvery.

Species similar in appearance

Murray River Hardyhead and other Hardyhead species. Small individuals may also be confused with Eastern Gambusia.

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