Macquarie perch


Macquarie Perch are a medium-sized fish known by other common names including Mountain Perch, Murray Perch, Black Bream, Silver-eye or White-eye. Recent research indicates that there may be at least two distinct forms of Macquarie Perch, one from the western rivers (Murray-Darling Basin form) and one from the eastern rivers (the Hawkesbury-Nepean systems).

There has been a significant decline in the distribution and abundance of Macquarie Perch in all river systems in NSW and therefore the species is listed as an endangered species. There are heavy penalties for harming, possessing, buying or selling them, or for harming their habitat.

The contents of this Primefact include:

  • Description
  • Habitat and ecology
  • Why are Macquarie perch threatened?
  • Conservation and recovery actions
  • Legal implications
  • Bibliography and further reading
  • Contact details for further information


Primefact 9 Third Edition

Published: Apr 2016