Sydney Hawk Dragonfly

Sydney Hawk Dragonfly - Austrocordulia leonardi

Sydney Hawk Dragonfly. Photo: L.Mueller


The known distribution of the species includes three locations in a small area south of Sydney, from Audley to Picton. The species is also known from the Hawkesbury-Nepean, Georges River and Port Hacking drainages.


Wing span 60-70mm.


The Sydney Hawk Dragonfly is a black and yellow dragonfly with clear wings spanning 60-70mm, and with an adult abdomen length of 35-40mm. The aquatic larvae have a body length of 22-24mm and are distinguished from the similar Eastern Hawk Dragonfly, Austrocordulia refracta, by a uniformly arched abdomen and distinctive abdominal colour pattern.

Species similar in appearance

Eastern Hawk Dragonfly, Austrocordulia refracta.

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