Priorities Action Statement - Actions for hook and line fishing in areas important for the survival of threatened fish species (KTP)

Trout cod with a mouth injury from a fishing hookA Trout Cod with a mouth injury caused by a fishing hook

Eastern cod with a nasty woundAn Eastern Freshwater Cod with a hook caught on its body


Threat Abatement Actions

Collate and review existing information

  • Continue to review and where necessary, amend fishing regulations to minimise the possible impacts that the activity may have on threatened fish species (High priority).
  • Identify the species and areas most impacted by hook and line fishing and review management options (High priority).
  • Undertake a literature review of the known and potential impacts of hook and line fishing activities on threatened species and review management options for ameliorating impacts (Medium priority).
  • Undertake risk assessments on different hook and line fishing methods (Medium priority).

Community and stakeholder liaison, awareness and education

  • Develop and disseminate educational, technical and promotional materials regarding hook and line fishing  through media, NSW DPI website, community networks, extension officers, Local Land Services (LLSs) and local councils (Medium priority).

Compliance / enforcement

  • Maintain ongoing compliance activities to enforce commercial and recreational fishing rules and regulations (High priority).

Enhance, modify or implement NRM planning processes to minimize adverse impacts on threatened species

  • Implement a management response for medium and high risk hook and line fishing methods at identified sites to mitigate impacts (High priority).

Research / monitoring

  • Continue to investigate interactions between hook and line fishing and threatened species (High priority).
  • Continue research into catch and release effects on line-caught fish in both freshwater and marine environments (High priority).
  • Continue research into deep release techniques (High priority).
  • Continue research into technological solutions to reduce the impact of hook and line fishing including reducing interactions and harm once interaction occurs (High priority).