Priorities Action Statement - Actions for introduction of fish to freshwaters within a river catchment outside their natural range (KTP)

redfin perchRedfin perch is a predator to small native fish
© Gunther Schmida

carpCarp spreads disease and destroys native fish habitat
© Gunther Schmida

gambusiaGambusia were introduced to control mosquitoes

Threat Abatement Actions

Collate and review existing information

  • Review existing literature and integrate research and investigation results to prioritise pest eradication and control works, and implement eradication programs where appropriate (High priority).

Community and stakeholder liaison, awareness and education

  • Develop and disseminate educational, technical and promotional materials regarding the release of fish to fresh waters within a river catchment outside their natural range through media, NSW DPI website, community networks, extension officers, Local Land Services (LLSs) and local councils (High priority).

Pest eradication and control

  • Develop pest control programs to eliminate species found in areas outside of their natural range (High priority).
  • Undertake eradication and/or control works to prevent the spread of introduced species into threatened species habitats (High priority).

Research / monitoring

  • Develop and implement research programs to address key knowledge gaps for the ecological interactions between introduced species and threatened species, populations and ecological communities, and disseminate results to relevant stakeholders (Medium priority).
  • Implement monitoring programs to assess the long-term effectiveness of eradication and control programs (Medium priority).

Stocking / translocation

  • Implement the NSW Freshwater Fish Stocking Fishery Management Strategy to prevent significant impacts from stocking activities on threatened species, populations and ecological communities, and undertake risk assessments and implement appropriate controls (e.g. noxious species and prohibited import listings) for potential pest species (High priority).

Survey / mapping

  • Undertake detailed survey and mapping work to establish the known and likely distribution of introduced species in NSW and identify any overlap with the distribution of threatened species, populations and ecological communities (High priority)