Bennetts seaweed


Bennetts Seaweed is a marine algal species that has only ever been collected from two localities in Port Jackson, Sydney Harbour. The species was first discovered in 1855 from Spectacle Island and was subsequently collected in large quantities from Shark Island in 1886. At that time the species was considered abundant.

Bennetts Seaweed has suffered a complete population decline. Extensive surveys of Port Jackson (particularly the two known collection areas) and the entire NSW coastline have failed to rediscover it since its last collection in 1886. Bennetts Seaweed is currently listed as a species presumed extinct in NSW.

This Primefact includes information on the following:

  • Description of Bennetts Seaweed
  • Habitat and ecology
  • Why did it become extinct?
  • Legal implications
  • How can you help?
  • Contact information


Primefact 186 Second Edition

Published: Mar 2016