Bousfields Marsh Hopper

Bousfield's Marsh Hopper - Microrchestia bousfeldi


Bousfield's Marsh Hopper has only been collected from a small isolated location in mangroves at South West Rocks Creek, New South Wales. The species has an extremely  limited distribution, and has not been located in other mangrove areas despite  active searching.


There is little documented  information on the life-cycle or biology of Bousfield's Marsh Hopper; however individuals  collected in surveys have been approximately 9-10 mm in length.


Bousfield's Marsh Hopper is a small marine amphipod (a type of crustacean) found in the  supra-littoral zone where they shelter under rotted logs and mangrove debris at  South West Rocks Creek. This isolated amphipod has relatively large eyes  (approximately 1/3 of entire head length) in the few individuals collected.

Species similar in appearance

Microrchestia bousfeldi has morphological similarities to Microrchestia macrochela, one of the  three other representatives in the genus Microrchestia.

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