Coastal saltmarsh

Saltmarsh can be found in estuaries along the entire New South Wales coastline and has historically been undervalued and considered by many to be boggy swamps and wastelands of little practical use. As a result, many saltmarsh areas have been drained, reclaimed, become degraded from a range of human activities or otherwise lost.

Our understanding of the ecological value of this habitat has greatly improved over the past few decades and coastal saltmarsh communities are now regarded as significant ecological communities that provide key habitat for fish and a range of other fauna. Saltmarsh provides habitat and shelter for fish, especially juveniles and smaller fish species, when it is inundated during higher tides. Studies have recorded over 40 species of fish inhabiting tidal saltmarsh areas.

This Primefact provides information about the different plants found within saltmarsh areas, the importance of this habitat, the threats affecting it and Ways of protecting it.

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