Fish friendly councils top tip 8

8. Support local groups working on fish friendly projects

(for example: Rivercare, Landcare, Indigenous groups, Fishing clubs)

Community groups often provide valuable services for the community, some of which may not be widely recognised. These groups involve people of all ages who have immense enthusiasm for protecting the environment. They also have great knowledge in local issues, plant regeneration, fauna and flora identification and fish habitat requirements. By working with these groups and applying for joint funding for projects, a council can build good relationships and link projects and groups together to achieve beneficial outcomes.

Council can …

  • support local groups and communicate with them on a regular basis. Habitat-concerned recreational anglers are joining forces in the Fish Habitat Network
  • recognise and acknowledge the work done by community groups
  • develop collaborative projects, which can often bring more funding to your community
  • work with these groups and government agencies to achieve shared goals
  • help create new groups.


Case Study - Creating a green web in a metropolitan environment – Ewen Park, City of Canterbury, Sydney

Local community groups working together to enhance the Cooks River foreshore.

Local community groups working together to enhance the Cooks River foreshore. Image Canterbury City Council

The Ewen Park Revegetation Site is a fragment of bushland on a bend of the Cooks River in the City of Canterbury LGA. The reach of the river adjacent to the site is tidal, offering potential habitat for mullet, bream, eels and small crabs. A river bank stabilisation project led to the City of Canterbury Council working together with 3 passionate local community groups: Cooks River Valley Association, Friends of Ewen Park and the Mudcrabs, with funding provided through the former Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority (now Local Land Services), to restore this green space and rehabilitate the riparian zone. More ...

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