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  1. NSW Hemp Industry

    Application to vary a licence to supply or cultivate low-THC Hemp (DOCX, 70.1 KB). ... Growing Low THC Hemp. Hemp cannot be grown (commercially or for research) in NSW without a license issued by the NSW Department of Primary Industries.

  2. Hemp Industry Act 2008

    Hemp Industry Act 2008. An Act to authorise and regulate the cultivation and supply of low-THC hemp for commercial production and other legitimate uses; to amend the Drug Misuse and ... Hemp Industry Instrument of Delegation 2016 (PDF, 2.11 MB).

  3. hemp-industry-licence-manual.pdf

    1 This licenses does not permit the growing of hemp for medicinal use. ... Phone Mobile. Fax Email Address. Type of Hemp Crop o Seed Crop - Variety.

  4. Compliance

    6, 191. 10, 374. Audits. ICA/CA, Hemp, Stock feed manufacturer, Exhibited Animals, Goat depots, Alkaloid poppies, Non-indigenous animals.

  5. Restricted licence

    Restricted licence. Apply for or renew your licence. You can apply for a new game hunting licence or renew an existing licence using our online services. You can  read more about applying or renewing online or use the links below to get started. It

  6. Report illegal activity

    Report illegal activity. Thank you for taking the time to give us this information. Where information is given in good faith, all identifying details will be treated as confidential. (denotes mandatory fields). Date activity observed (e.g. 10/11/2010

  7. Growing low THC hemp under licence in NSW - Frequently asked questions

    how can I get a licence to cultivate or supply low-THC hemp? ... can I produce extracts of low-THC hemp for non-therapeutic use? Download.

  8. Industrial hemp - a new crop for nsw

    industrial hemp, because of its ‘green’ image, seems to be almost self-promoting. ... industrial hemp can readily be used in the making of environmentally friendly paper.

  9. Legislation


  10. Industrial hemp - a new crop for NSW

    The objective of this Primefact is to provide information on a broad range of topics relating to the industrial hemp industry. ... Industrial hemp, because of its ‘green’ image, seems to be almost self-promoting.