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  1. NSW Hemp Industry

    Application to vary a licence to supply or cultivate low-THC Hemp (PDF, 509.8 KB). ... Growing Low THC Hemp. Hemp cannot be grown (commercially or for research) in NSW without a license issued by the NSW Department of Primary Industries.

  2. Hemp Industry Act 2008

    Hemp Industry Act 2008. An Act to authorise and regulate the cultivation and supply of low-THC hemp for commercial production and other legitimate uses; to amend the Drug Misuse and ... Hemp Industry Instrument of Delegation 2016 (PDF, 2.11 MB).

  3. hemp-industry-licence-manual.pdf

    1 This licenses does not permit the growing of hemp for medicinal use. ... Phone Mobile. Fax Email Address. Type of Hemp Crop o Seed Crop - Variety.

  4. Compliance

    ICA/CA, Hemp, Stock feed manufacturer, Exhibited Animals, Goat depots, Alkaloid poppies, Non-indigenous animals.

  5. Growing low THC hemp under licence in NSW - Frequently asked questions

    how can I get a licence to cultivate or supply low-THC hemp? ... can I produce extracts of low-THC hemp for non-therapeutic use? Download.

  6. Industrial hemp - a new crop for nsw

    industrial hemp, because of its ‘green’ image, seems to be almost self-promoting. ... industrial hemp can readily be used in the making of environmentally friendly paper.

  7. Legislation


  8. Industrial hemp - a new crop for NSW

    The objective of this Primefact is to provide information on a broad range of topics relating to the industrial hemp industry. ... Industrial hemp, because of its ‘green’ image, seems to be almost self-promoting.

  9. Growing low THC hemp in NSW faq.pdf

    1. Licence conditions listed in the Hemp Industry Regulation 2016 - Clauses 10 -13. ... Low-THC hemp crop residues must not be sold as hay or silage.

  10. hemp-industry-act-application-guidelines.pdf

    Activity The activity means. 3.1 - Cultivation of low-THC hemp for commercial production. ... Low-THC hemp plant material is supplied for use in a manufacturing process.

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