Animal Health Surveillance

The Animal Health Surveillance newsletter is a quarterly report on animal health in NSW. It contains information contributed by Local Land Services and the NSW Department of Primary Industries.

Issue 2017/3July 2017PDF, 3.2 MB
Issue 2017/2June 2017PDF, 4.4 MB
Issue 2017/1March 2017PDF, 1.3 MB
Issue 2016/4December 2016PDF, 730.6 KB
Issue 2016/3November 2016PDF, 742.5 KB
Issue 2016/1May 2016PDF, 1.2 MB
Issue 2015/4February 2016PDF, 1006.8 KB
Issue 2015/3October 2015PDF, 676.7 KB
Issue 2015/2August 2015PDF, 1.5 MB
Issue 2015/1May 2015PDF, 1.2 MB
Issue 2014/4March 2015PDF, 857.3 KB
Issue 2014/3November 2014PDF, 978.0 KB
Issue 2014/2November 2014PDF, 452.7 KB
Issue 2014/1May 2014PDF, 802.9 KB
Issue 2013/4February 2014PDF, 612.2 KB

Past issues

Past issues of the Animal Health Surveillance newsletter are available on the DPI web publication archive.