Juncea canola in the low rainfall zone of south west NSW


Brassica juncea (Indian mustard), a close relative of canola (Brassica napus), is being developed as a drought and heat tolerant alternative oilseed to canola for the low rainfall zones of the Australian cropping belt.

The crop has a number of advantages over canola and will deliver the same rotational benefits as canola.

As a relatively new crop, breeding, selection and agronomic research have not progressed as far as canola.

Continuing research will deliver significant improvements in yield, herbicide tolerance, quality parameters and crop management recommendations.

Some of the topics covered in this Primefact include:

  • Types of Brassica juncea
  • Advantages of growing juncea canola over canola in south-western NSW
  • Disadvantages of growing juncea canola compared with canola
  • Varieties and yield performance
  • Suitable production zones
  • Paddock selection and crop establishment
  • Weed control
  • Insect pests and viruses
  • Diseases
  • Harvest management
  • Marketing options


Primefact 783 Second Edition

Published: 01 May 2009