Weed control in winter crops


What’s new in 2024

The latest information on effective weed control to ensure successful and profitable winter crop production is now available in the 2024 Weed Control in Winter Crops management guide, published by NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI).

This DPI management guide is free to download. Hard copies are also available with over 10,000 copies distributed state-wide through NSW DPI and Local Land Services offices, as well as agribusiness outlets.

The guide is available to the industry earlier this year to coincide with both the GRDC Updates and so growers can start planning their herbicide program before sowing.

The 2024 edition contains some new sections, such as a table for optical spraying, due to the increasing adoption of this technology to manage hard-to-kill weeds. A table for vetch weed control has also been added as the area of this crop sown continues to expand as both a forage option and as part of an integrated weed control strategy.

In the past, faba bean and lentil weed control have been in one table. Each crop now has an individual, crop-specific table to reflect the increased interest in these crop types.

A list of new products available to the industry is listed at the front of the guide, with their use patterns included in the relevant tables in the book.

NSW DPI Project Officer, Plant Systems, Penny Heuston, said the guide has been published for over 50 years and is still the ‘go to’ publication for weed control options in winter crops.

For more information, contact:

Penny Heuston
Publications Officer
0428 474845


Published: Feb 2024