Using pre-emergent herbicides in conservation farming systems


Conservation farming adoption has grown to the point where over 80% of the cropping area in some regions of NSW are grown under a conservation farming system.

In this system, cultivation is eliminated and seeding systems are designed to pass through retained stubble with minimal soil disturbance.

This has brought with it many advantages such as higher yields and water use efficiency, lower labour requirements, better soil structure and lower levels of soil erosion.

The downside however has been the higher reliance on herbicides for weed control.

This has increased the level of reported herbicide resistance in NSW, and consequently the necessity to use integrated approaches to manage the impact of weeds.

Some of the topics covered by this information sheet include:

  • Top tips for using pre-emergent herbicides
  • Why use pre-emergent herbicides?
  • How do pre-emergent herbicides work?
  • Preparing your seedbed for pre-emergent herbicides
  • IBS vs PSPE
  • How does stubble and ash affect pre-emergent herbicide effectiveness?
  • Using pre-emergent herbicides with different seeding equipment
  • Tips for using pre-emergent herbicides with disc seeders
  • Residual effect of pre-emergent herbicides


Published: Apr 2012