The grazier's guide to pastures


Sowing and managing profitable pastures in the Central and Southern Tablelands, Monaro, and Upper South-West Slopes of New South Wales

When pastures are well matched to soils, aspect, topography, climate and livestock enterprise they have the potential to support high levels of livestock production, provided they are well managed. Well-managed perennial pastures provide good ground cover which, in turn, reduces various forms of soil degradation (soil acidification, rising water tables and dryland salinisation). These well-managed pastures can also limit nutrient run-off into streams, weed invasion, increase beneficial soil micro-organisms, and improve soil structure, pasture composition and fertility.

Perennial pastures are the basis of both sustainable and efficient livestock production in this region. The aim of this publication is to provide information to help producers select the right pasture development options and suitable species for their locality, enterprise and paddock based on whole-farm strategies.


Second Edition

Published: Jun 2003