Guidelines for grazing in the Gwydir Wetlands and Macquarie Marshes

Do you have...

  • a wetland on your property?
  • stock grazing in wetland areas?
  • an interest in managing your use of wetland areas?

If your property is located within the Gwydir Wetlands or the Macquarie Marshes and you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you need to know about the guidelines for grazing in wetlands and the glove box guide to plants of the Gwydir Wetlands and Macquarie Marshes.

What are the guidelines?

The Guidelines for grazing in the Gwydir Wetlands and Macquarie Marshes provide recommendations for sustainable grazing in each of these important wetland areas. The seven sections of the guidelines are:

Grazing in wetlands
Contents: Importance of grazing guidelines, Building the guidelines, How to use these guidelines, Recommended management actions, Resources for more information, References.
PDF, 849.0 KB
Understanding wetlands
Contents: Introduction, What are wetlands?, Importance of wetlands, Wetland formation, Distribution of NSW wetlands, Management of wetlands.
PDF, 1.7 MB
The Gwydir Wetlands and Macquarie Marshes
Contents: Introduction, Soils, Climate, Different plant communities, Response of plants to flooding, Response of plants to rainfall, Animals, Histoical landuse, Current landuse, Summary.
PDF, 3.2 MB
Managing stock in wetland grazing
Contents: Introduction, Current grazing management, Response of plants to grazing, Impact of wetting regimes, Grazing systems for wetlands, Grazing and groundcover, Stock behaviour, Recommendations.
PDF, 1.9 MB
Managing stock water
Contents: Introduction, Water sources for grazing cattle, Water quality, Water management in semi-arid environments, Recommendations.
PDF, 570.5 KB
Managing fire in wetland grazing
Contents: Introduction, Burning and wetlands, Burning regimes, Recommendations.
PDF, 409.4 KB
Managing a dry climate
Contents: Introduction, Managing a dry climate, Results of a drying environment, Recommendations.
PDF, 397.3 KB