Best practice guidelines for using poultry litter on pastures


Bulk poultry litter can be the basis of very productive and valuable pasture and agricultural production when used wisely.

It also has potential to create human and animal health risks, plus cause dust, smell and water pollution if it is not stored, spread and managed in an appropriate manner.

These guidelines aim at ensuring that you use poultry litter wisely to optimise pasture production and minimise the risk of problems concerning stock health, stock feeding bans, pollution and the environment.

This Primefact covers the following topics:

  • What is poultry litter?
  • Storing poultry litter
  • Composting poultry litter
  • How much poultry litter to use
  • Using poultry litter on pastures
  • Managing the buffer strip
  • Proper application of poultry litter
  • Comparing the cost of poultry litter with other fertiliser costs


Published: May 2011