Poultry litter/manure and BSE controls for carriers and spreaders


Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE, often called ‘mad cow disease’) is a disease that causes brain changes and death in cattle. BSE does not occur in Australia. Overseas the disease has been shown to spread through meat products fed to cattle. New South Wales has banned the feeding of all animal products, including fish meals and feathers (called 'restricted animal material') to ruminant animals such as cattle, sheep, goats and deer. These bans provide insurance against any spread of the disease in Australia and satisfy the requirements of our meat export markets.

The contents of this Primefact include the following:

  • what is BSE?
  • the connection between poultry litter and BSE
  • protecting stock from risk


Primefact 498 Second Edition

Published: Nov 2019